Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015

Create Your Idea Page

First of all, we just wanted to let you know that we think you’re awesome! Have you read the Guidelines?  First read those, but in a nutshell here's all you have to do:
  • Contents - Online: Create the contents of your submission to get people not only to vote for you, but to want your app!  Contents must be submitted, approved, and published by March 20 (see Timeline below). All of the submission contents will be online and available to the public via your entry page on
    1. Name of the app and short "elevator pitch."
    2. App team members and roles. Team members are assumed to have equal shares of any prizes unless a different breakdown of responsibility is specified here.
    3. Develop a 90x90 icon for your app.
    4. Text description of app - between 500-1,000 words (approximately 1-2 pages single typed). Description should include features, benefits, and any other relevant information.
    5. Video presentation of application - between 2-4 minutes: get creative!
  • Online Voting: From March 23-April 5, voting will be open to the public on  Teams must get the most votes to win the popular vote prizes.
  • Final Presentation:Teams (or a team member) must be present at the Undergraduate Research Forum on Monday, April 6, 2015.  Teams will present the "elevator pitch" to the judges and provide a demonstration or descirption in person, and answer any questions from the judges.
For assistance with application materials, contact Competition Committee (
IMPORTANT: Don't forget about the Timeline! The Submission period is open until the end of the day on Friday, March 20, 2015. This means: once you submit, we approve or reject.  We might have to reject your submission if information is missing or if it doesn't fall into the theme or some other reason; if we reject, you can still resubmit.  Once we approve your submission, then you must publish it in order to be included in the competition.  So please don't wait until the last minute!smiley   
Share Your Story
Be the “host/ess with the most-est” by engaging with the community supporting you and your Idea. Tell them what you’re doing and how they can help!  Once your entry is approved, you publish your campaign and then it's visible to the public.
Spread the Love
Watch the votes come in as the community you have built rallies around your Idea.  Online voting will be open from March 23 - April 5, 2015.

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