Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015


By Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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Please provide a few sentences to sum up the most important aspects of your App.

The app lets you choose the sports you want to play, and basically keeps you updated if other people are interested in joining you. You can create an event to invite other people who might want to join you. The app also lets you subscribe to your favorite game and alerts you whenever someone else creates an event. 
Invitation and notification will be sent to people who have selected the similar category of games as their interest. The app keeps a count of people who agree to come and also the count of people who are unsure. The chat box present can help people communicate with each other. 
It is a very good way of making new friends with similar interests and can be a very useful app especially for freshmen. The app will also be useful to faculty members who share the same interests. 


Please provide a description of your App in 500-1,000 words. Be sure to include at least 1) what it does, 2) why people will want it (benefits), and 3) how you will sustain it (explain business model).

Playing sports is important, it is fun, and also keeps you physically balanced. But after a tiring day at school, it is very difficult to motivate yourself to get up and go to the rec, especially when you are alone.  Other times you don’t go to the recreational center (REC) because your buddy has some assignment due next day. If you don’t want to go to the rec alone, this is a perfect app for you. You can connect with people with similar interests as you and plan a workout or play a game together.

The app displays a list of activities and lets the user subscribe to the categories that they are interested in. The user can see if any other people are already playing or planning to play the sport. The user can join the event or can choose to create a new one. Other users who have subscribed to the same activity will get the invitation to join the event the user created. With the chat box present, people can communicate with each other individually or in a group.

The app will display the number of people who have accepted the invitation and also the number of people who may show up. People can cancel at any time, and notification will be sent to all the people who have accepted the invitation. Notification will also be sent when new people accept the invitation. Users can have a favorite group of people who they play with regularly.

It is a very useful way of making new friends. People with similar interest can connect with each other via this app. It can be useful for freshmen, international students, faculty members and other students who are looking to make new friends and have some fun.  

“RECmates” can also be used to create some outdoor activities like potluck, hiking or outdoor sporting and invite others to join. This will eliminate the need to use flyers every time and can be more convenient and efficient.   

The app lets you login with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or their SIU accounts and retrieves basic information about yourself. You can choose to hide information in the privacy settings. The user can also choose between having a profile picture and not having it.


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