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Please provide a few sentences to sum up the most important aspects of your App.

The purpose of this application is to provide an avenue for which college students can interact around different events that happens at their own college campuses. This app is not just dedicated to social life, but in fact, it is looking to capture the greatest years of a young adults life by putting all of the university activities, events and news under their schools timeline. UniverCity will look to capture 3 main areas of the college experience. Athletics, University news and social life. If a user navigates to any of the university profile pages, they will be able to see the athletic accolades they received, the social  events that are going on at that specific campus as well as any of the latest news that the university has. The whole idea behind this app is to allow users to put their school on the map. Let other people how good your campus is by posting social and athletic events under your school profile for the students at every other college to see. Every week, there will be a Top 10 countdown where the best clips will be promoted for the rest of the world to see. 


Please provide a description of your App in 500-1,000 words. Be sure to include at least 1) what it does, 2) why people will want it (benefits), and 3) how you will sustain it (explain business model).


To start, users will need to have a .edu email address in order to make an account. When they make the account, they will automatically be assigned to the school the .edu email address belongs to.

If a user does not have a .edu email address, they will still be able to make an account but they will have limited privileges and will not be able to access all of the things that are on the application. This will be a visitor account. The things they will be able to see are the university news tab and also the NCAA tab with every university's sports teams. This appeals to the younger generation because it will allow them to also see what is happening at different campuses without exposing them to everything before the time is right.

The reason we have it set up this way is because it gives a sense of exclusivity. If something is restricted to an individual, they will be more inclined to take the measures to have access to that thing--in other words, it will begin to get more students to start the college application process thus helping out the different higher education institutions in the country.

A user can have the same account , even if they made the profile long before they were in college. If they made these accounts, they have their own information stored so all the would have to do is register their .edu email address and they will gain access to everything else the application has to offer.

Tab 1.) Formal University News

Under this tab, users will be able to see all of the formal posts and news updates that each and every university has. This is information like the street address, stock images of the campus, demographics about their student body etc. This is almost equivalent to the schools website. Users will be able to judge from each university’s profile page how popular it is. If the university can make a popular landing page, then they will be more successful in the task of bringing in more applications. The formal university news tab is what visitor profiles will be able to see. The basic information about that university, the programs they offer etc will be populated in this area.

Tab 2.) Athletics

There are many campuses throughout the country that are known for their infamous athletics teams. The BCS National Championship game and the NCAA Tournament are two of the most beloved college sporting events in the history of intercollegiate athletics. UniverCity will give students, faculty and staff an outlet to which they can post their athletic information and events.


Southern Illinois University is in the final four. The university can go on their own profile page and begin to post updates  on the games.

Many people want to know what it is like to be a college athlete. This will allow these athletes to begin to give people an inside look at their lives. Athletes will be able to share videos and pictures of events they are at and just simply how they live their lives off of the big NCAA stage.

After any university wins the most coveted championship, that university has bragging rights until the next year when someone else has the opportunity to take the title. Throughout that year, students are able to have “Bragging Rights” on the UniverCity application. Users will be able to add accolades to their schools profile page. Like winning the BCS National Championship Game for example.

Tab 3.) Social life

One of the biggest, seemingly most important part of college is the social life. High school students from all over the country think about the college campuses with the best student involvement activities and begin to formulate their college choices based on this factor. Though it is not the best way to make a decision, inevitably it still happens. It is clear that social life is a very big factor in the college life. It is what many students think college is all about. Nevertheless, it’s importance may not be a bad thing. Students at any university are eager to get out on the weekends because that is the time where they get to relax and unwind from the hard week. There are many things that happen at one time at any given night. UniverCity will be responsible for displaying all of these events and also for creating our own grading algorithm, where we decide where the most popular social venues are, on every single college campus.

Marketing Strategy (business model)

Because the app can be downloaded for free, we will generate revenue by developing marketing packages with the different event venues that students attend. This will include bars, grills, fraternity and sorority houses as well as clubs.

We will be able to track how many students are using the application at every single university so we will base our marketing prices off of how many users are at the given university are using the app. So, the earlier people receive their marketing package, the cheaper the prices.

If a campus has a smaller number of users, then it will be cheaper for the venues to advertise.

Because UniverCity will have a timeline feel, All of the advertisements and events will be shown as featured posts and will show up on the timelines of the users at that specific university.

  • Event promotion - If a venue is having a repetitive event (ex. Thirsty Thursday), then they will have the option to promote their event via UniverCity to the users at the university. They will also have the option to make their event the only ad seen on that day.  There will be a lot of event promotion in the nightlife section. This is where the revenue stream from the different bars and clubs in the area will build.

  • NCAA, Sports Wear, ticket sales advertising- In the athletics tab, there will be a huge audience of college students and athletes. In the athletics tab, you will be able to see all of the stats from games of each university you want to follow. By following them, you will receive their updates and you will be able to see these different sporting events as they happen.


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