Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015

The Gluten Free Converter

By Gluten Free Society

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Imagine being able to convert any existing recipe imaginable into a healthier alternative with the same great taste. So you stay away from foods containing gluten,  but you still crave the occasional cheesecake. Who is to say you need to give up these dishes forever? Gluten Free Converter uses optical recognition software to take a picture of any recipe you find online or in your favorite cookbook, scan the ingredient list in order to recognize which ingredients contain gluten, and automatically convert these selected ingredients into healthy gluten free alternatives. So what's the catch? There is none! You have just prepared your exact same favorite dish,  just healthier.

Envision a tool that removes doubt from home cooked food preparation when dealing with not only yourself, but friends, families, and that special someone. This app addresses sever problems. First, is designed act a liaison for newly diagnostic Celiac's trying to adapt to a new dietary lifestyle. Secondly, this app can be utilized as a tool for people with similar allergen and auto-immune concerns who find a gluten free lifestyle to be a highly recommended alternative. And finally, there are the "formidable foodies" These foodies are the dinner host and hostess, who serve a 5 course gluten-free meal for all dinner guests involved, because one guest with Celiac gave the host a reason to experience it with enthusiasm. These foodies are the health nuts who have seen the positive short term and long term effects that come with eliminating gluten from their diets. These foodies are the men and women who like to try new things.

This app will have multiple engaging response tools; from recipe submissions, to product locators and prices for gluten free alternatives.


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My name is Alex Hutchinson, a diagnosed Celiac since the age of 4, and creator of the Gluten Free Converter, a new smartphone app that makes gluten free cooking easy. When I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, I was thrown into a completely different lifestyle of dietary alternatives for everything from what I ate in the morning, to deserts served at friend’s birthday parties. For too long I have accepted the belief that I would never be able to eat some of my favorite foods again, until I decided to make them myself.

My Gluten Free Converter is designed to convert and prepare your favorite existing recipes to be made gluten free. Gluten Free Convert App is designed to eliminate the popular belief that all delicious foods containing gluten, will never again be an option in the diets of people affected by Celiac's Disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, and various other auto-immune deficiencies or health problems. This app will accomplish this feat by providing the possibility of gluten free ingredient alternatives that will ultimately lead to an outcome of their familiar and favorite foods. In other words, anybody can eat pizza! I just eat mine with a rice flour crust; opening a door I once thought was closed. Familiarity of one's diet is unchanged with a simple lifestyle adjustment of take a picture of your recipe.

So who wants this app? Celiac's Disease is not the only requirement to a gluten free lifestyle. Let’s say you have a gluten intolerance or even a wheat allergy. My app helps you substitute ingredients in their place to make your dish safe and healthy all the same! Now let's say  you're entertaining for some guests who have these dietary needs, or simply like following this healthy diet yourself. The universal appeal of Gluten Free Converter is that anyone (medical conditions or not) can use this tool with ease.
       Gluten Free Converter will be based off of an ad revenue business model in which we sell ad space designated by conversion food genres. For example, a gluten free flour supplier such as Bob's Red Mill flour mixture might declare ad space for all conversions dealing with breads, crusts, etc...Food companies along with retail product suppliers will provide the right market of advertising to support our app.

Our team is composed of two SIUC Undergrads. Founder Alex Hutchinson, a junior majoring in Finance and Marketing and Alex Glasovich, a majoring in information system technologies. With Hutchinson’s entrepreneurial background as a former owner of his own landscape construction company, his experience in the business world has made him an influential asset in structuring and operating the promotional outreaches necessary to bring this dream into a reality. From a technical standpoint, Alex Glasnovich’s expertise lie in web development, database application and mobile technology. Combined with his creative foresight, Alex has a unique ability to integrate software comprised systems with target objectives.
      The video you are about to watch takes you through the mind of two young aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest to lead the trend in the emerging market of recipe revolutions.


Primary Contact


  • Alex Hutchinson

    Creator of Gluten Free Foodie

    Junior and SIUC majoring in Finance and Marketing



Team Members


  • Alex Glasnovich

    Associate of technological advan

    Junior at SIUC. Studying Information system technologies.