Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015

BangBang! Shooter Game

By Justin Dial

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BangBang! Shooter Game is a free to play Android game with reasonable micro-transactions. All of the in game purchases are cosmetic unlike most pay to win games. The amount of outfits,guns and hats allows for an insane amount of customization.


Please provide a description of your App in 500-1,000 words. Be sure to include at least 1) what it does, 2) why people will want it (benefits), and 3) how you will sustain it (explain business model).

The video attached shows some alpha single player game play. The game is advancing at a really quick rate so this video does not show the newest features. You can download this version of the game HERE(You must allow installation of apps from unknown sources under security settings on Android)

Single Player

(first person view looking at an old western town, bandits pop up, piano quietly plays in a nearby saloon)

  • Main Menu-(moving background and music)

    • Start Button

      • Loading Screen/Splash Screen

    • Options Button

      • Hats

      • Outfits

      • Guns

      • Backgrounds

      • Difficulty

      • Volume Controls

    • Exit Button

      • Confirm exit

  • Gameplay

    • Modes

      • Time Trial Mode(10s,30s,1min)

      • Zombie Mode(they get closer if you don't click them quick enough) (if they hit you you lose)

      • Evil Mode(old ladies)

      • Hardcore Mode(cant miss any)


(side view, two cowboys stand in an old western town,an old rusty windmill squeaks in the background,dust and tumbleweeds roll in the wind,faint western music)

  • Main Menu

    • online games

    • Make Bluetooth server  Button

    • Connect to server  Button

    • Exit  Button

  • Game-play

    • starts with just dark outline of players (Random timer between 2-5s,Draw, then shows what they look like)

    • measure time between draw and clicked on opponent, compare and show winner animation (with winning time centered on the screen with losing time right below smaller font)

    • add in where on opponent was clicked(head,body,legs)harder to hit head but it wins in case of tie,body is easiest to hit,legs are medium difficulty

  • Matrix mode

    • when both players shoot at the exact same time with guns that shoot more than one shot, have on screen buttons (a/b/c/d) come on, they then have to hit buttons in certain order to dodge bullets. for instance, if a shows up they hit a, if b shows up they hit b, ect. ect. or possibly a memorize version. such as, a, b, d, c, a, d shows up, then they have to repeat it back, getting longer and longer until one of the people mess up and are declared loser. if they tie, the round continues until someone makes less mistakes and is declared winner.


  • When app is opened splash screen that plays gunshot sound 3 times, first shot adds red spiky shape second adds blue, third one adds text to title(tap to play which goes to main menu)when you tap to go to main menu it makes the squeaky saloon door sound

  • make images look cardboard and pop up on wooden sticks(like carnival game)

  • score converts to an exponential amount of CC 1 pt. = 1 CC,1000 pts = 15CC,Daily Limit of CC

  • Bonus Buzzard (gives some CC(Cowboy Coin))

  • Cowboy Coins(micro-transactions for hats and outfits)

  • non-invasive ads(bottom of menus)

  • ad free/ donation version with a couple free hat

  • Roulette Wheel each day you play

  • Each day you play in a row you get a bonus

  • Achievements

  • This will help people relax and forget their worries during breaks, so they can be more productive when they go back to work

Hat Ideas

Hat Stats:

  • Manliness

  • Comfort

  • Armor

  • Squid hat

  • Astronaut Helmet

  • Bald Shiny Head (no hat-most expensive)

  • hat with stick sticking to the side with a bulls-eye hanging on it

  • Swan hat

  • Roman helmet

  • Boot upside down on head

  • Rainbow Colored Clown Afro

  • Engineer goggles

Outfit Ideas

Outfit Stats:

  • Manliness

  • Comfort

  • Armor

  • Clown suit

  • a pair of pants as a shirt and a shirt as pants

  • camouflage gillie suit

  • cardboard box robot

  • coat made out of bald eagles like beaks on shoulders

Gun Ideas( if you fire too soon it will do a failure animation like shot in the foot)

Gun Stats:
  • Accuracy

  • Power

  • Rounds(most will only shoot once)

  • reload speed(in case both people miss)




Accuracy %

Rounds per clip

Reload Rate-

Seconds to Reload

Fire Rate-

Rounds per sec

Clown Gun

flag comes out the barrel that says BANG!





(Piano Key Flinger)

plays like 8 notes of old songs like bach,mozart then shoots black or white piano key at opponent


(Heat Seeking Chicken)

Fires a chicken that run into the opponent then explodes


(Random Animal Catapult)


random animal lands on opponent


(Small Saloon Launcher)


Shoots things out of a saloon like a chair, beer mug, rarely a drunk cowboy

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Primary Contact


  • Justin Dial



Team Members


  • Nathan Davis

    Graphic Designer