Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015

Solar For All

By David Schau

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This campaign focuses around how the local area can start their merge into the 3rd industrial revolution for a zero cost to them!  The conditions that are implemented are that home/property owners allow this business to install solar collectors on their property/structure.  After a set return on each panel is made from selling electricity back onto the power grid by the company, the solar collector becomes the property-owner's property.  Solar panels' life expectancy rates are growing every year, as well as their efficiency.  With the amount of unused land in Southern Illinois, some households may never have to pay for electricity ever again!!


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The increasing efficiency of solar panels make them a promising zero carbon emission source for power in the future.  This business model will allow home owners to lock-in their electric energy prices for 8-15 years instead of dealing with their current power company's inevitable rise of electric prices.

With such a large coal-mining history in Southern Illinois, this project is unique in the fact that it has an opportunity to change a large portion of doubters' mind's about the coming sustainability revolution.  If this business can change peoples' mind's in a friendly win-win, profit for all practice, in a geographical area that is stubborn to the fact of global warming, than it should be applied to other areas of the country to make a profit.

It will take ideas like this if we ever want to reach the goal our Government has established to reduce carbon emissions by the year 2020.


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